Rouffiac Leisure

Enjoy the experience to the full!

Take a beautiful day out with family or friends and try a full variety of activities in an exceptional setting, in the heart of the Périgord Vert region.

On the programme: ski lift, accropark, swimming, paddle-boarding and more. Experience fun and adrenaline in this beautiful resort!

If you want to enjoy a group activity, you can also try paintball, climbing, archery, zipline, caving ... You won’t know what to choose!


Come and discover the new high-altitude acrobatics course, in natural surroundings and at the edge of the lake. Explore nature with a series of original activities: sledging, surfing, cycling, climbing and more than 320m of zip lines. Strong sensations are guaranteed! An unforgettable experience for beginners and a real challenge for seasoned people, with a selection of red and black courses.

Buy your tree climbing tickets at the water ski lift reception located 200m from Accro Park. If you’re not sure about your course, you can pay a supplement directly to the Accro Park to continue on to more difficult courses.

It is not compulsory to accompany minors on the courses - our monitors are present to ensure their safety. However, your presence in Accro Park is requested.

Open-top shoes (e.g., flip-flops...) are prohibited. We recommend a sports outfit with closed-top shoes.

Long hair should be tied back.

Thanks to a continuous lifeline, you can practice your course in safety

We have a course adapted for people with disabilities


The cable in Rouffiac, opened in 1999, is about 800m long and runs at an average speed of 30km / h, with 9 cars on the rudder bar. A dozen people can ride at the same time. The cable is supported by 5 pulleys, placed 9m above the water. The semi-vertical pull makes it easier for pros, allowing them to do larger and more complex feats, but also helps beginners learn too. Ecological and economical, the best ski lifts are also fitted with obstacles (called modules): 2 big kickers, 1 small kicker, 1 kicker ejector, 1 slider mount, 1 rooftop, 1 S-box and a funbox. The course is available for everyone, from the youngest beginner to the most advanced rider. Enjoy the fun and thrill of skiing, every day. Our operators are wakeboarding specialists and regular competitions are held, so you can practice in the wild on safe, calm water.

You can stay nearby and make the most of the water ski lift. The Rouffiac campsite offers camping / caravanning pitches, chalets, and mobile homes.

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The park has 2 big kickers, 1 small kicker, 1 kicker ejector, 1 slider mount, 1 S-box, 1 rooftop and a funbox.

For the outfit you just need a swimsuit. You can bring your own shorty neoprene wetsuit but it is also available on site (included in the price). If the weather demands it, the ski lift also has full neoprene suits that are rented in addition to the ski passes (see RATES).

Flotation vests (compulsory for all ages) and helmets (mandatory for minors, recommended for all practitioners) are included in the prices.

The ski lift is equipped with changing rooms, showers and toilets.

For the bi-pulley, the minimum age is 7 years, and for the big ski lift, it is 10 years old.

No matter your age, and although the life jacket is mandatory (included in the price), you must be a good swimmer.


Access to the leisure centre and the beach is free. In Rouffiac, we offer various types of activities:

Rental activities (open to groups and individuals):

  • At the beach: Canoe (12 € / 1h) - pedal boat (8 € / 30mn, 12 € / 1h) - stand up paddle-board (12 € / 1h) (only in July-August from 14h to 19h)
  • At the campsite reception: mountain biking (duration: half day, 1 day, 1 week)

Supervised activities (open to groups and individuals):

  • Nautical ski lift and tree climbing

Supervised activities (open to groups all year round and to individuals only in active summer*):

  • Climbing, archery, monkey bridge, water zipline, sailing (optimist), caving, windsurfing & stand-up paddle-board and paintball

* What is active summer? There aren’t enough of you to form a group, but you would like to try one of our group activities? You can with active summer. As part of the development of sports and outdoor activities in the Dordogne, the General Council of the Dordogne offers special rates with the Dordogne Pass. The Pass is free and assigned to a single person. To obtain it, fill out the form. After obtaining this pass, you must book any activity you would like to do.

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